About The Show

Show History

The association was known as the Liverpool Plains Pastoral, Agricultural & Horticultural Association until 1940, when it changed its name to the Tamworth Agricultural Association.

The show has, to date, been held in five different locations.

In 1873, the first show was held on Peel St.  In 1876, the show was moved to  the Fitzroy site where it remained for 29 years. In 1907, the show was then held on the Oval site for three  years. Showground Road became the site for the next 106 years until it was sold to NSW Harness Racing in 2018. The show then moved to AELEC – Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre on Goonoo Goonoo Road, south of Tamworth. AELEC is owned by the Tamworth Regional Council and the Tamworth Agricultural Association has a hire agreement with the council to use it once a year.

The Committee

  • Office Bearers and Committee Members
    • President – Greg Townsend
    • Senior Vice-President – Malcolm Campbell
    • Junior Vice-President – Michael Clarke
    • Secretary – Janelle Tongue
    • Assistant Secretary – Beth Lang
    • Treasurer – Diana Brown
    • Publicity Officer – Sophie Wood
  • Executive Management
    • Greg Townsend
    • Malcom Campbell
    • Michael Clarke
    • David Hallam
    • Janelle Tongue
    • Beth Lang
    • Diana Brown
    • Sophie Wood
    • Brian Wilson

List Of Banned Items

Please note, the items listed to the right are not permitted into the Showground. 

  • Drug Related Goods (including Cocaine Kits, Bongs etc)
  • Explicit and Hardcore T-Shirts
  • Fake Cigarettes
  • Fireworks – Crackers
  • Fuel Type Fire Lighters (Zippo)
  • Horns and Trumpets
  • Knives (including Pen Knives) (excluding appropriately packaged kitchenware sets)
  • Pressure Pack Fart Gas
    • Silly String
    • Water Bombs
    • Electric Hands
    • Laser Pointers
    • Metal and wooden Martial Art Nunchakus
    • Playing Cards (Nude or Lurid)
    • Pressure Pack Snow
    • Stink Bombs
    • Bouncing Bean
    • Toy Guns are acceptable however, the following items are banned:
    • Ball Bearing Guns
    • Eight Shot Caps
    • Pellet Guns
    • Pop Downs (Throw Downs) o Potato Guns (Bullet Type)
    • Roll Caps o Strip Caps
    • Water Pistols over 150mm (6”)